Monday, 26 January 2015

Time for a change | New nails #3

Hey girlies,
today I'm going to show you my new nails, that's part of my 'Time for a change' posts
On Saturday, me and my sister took a trip down to my nail shop to get a refill, after my Christmas nails I have been longing my ass off to change my nails mainly because I didn't really like them to begin with and they were quite boring.

As the time got closer and closer I was all over instagram and pinterest trying to find me some nail inspiration, I screenshot so many nail pictures on my phone that I liked, if you want to check out my nails board on pinterest just click here.

So I found these nails and honestly just loved them right away, at the nail shop I decided to keep the shape and length, however I wasn't to impressed with the way she changed the shape a bit and cut them down, although she didn't make them too short so they are still a decent length.

No surprise I got to the nail shop and couldn't find the exact colour or anything close to it so I opted for this light purple colour I also decided to do a matte because I had seen a lot of matte nails on instagram and pinterest and really loved them.

when the woman painted my nails she did 2 coats of the purple then a top coat and then applied the matte top coat to it, this really toned down the colour of the purple and made it look a lot more dull.

I really love my new nails, however I wasn't too impressed with the way she filed them and how much she cut them down also the nail is not smooth on top and you can see it through the nail polish
But still love 'em though!

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Time for a Change | New hair #2

Hey girlies!

I've got my second 'Time for a change | New hair' post for you guys I feel like it's been so long since I did my first one.

So here goes... before Christmas I wanted to purchase some hair, for Christmas and New Year and I had an idea of what I wanted, so I headed over to AliExpress, I am literally so particular when it comes to my hair, like I hate when I have a vision of what I want my hair to come out like and it just doesn't happen.

My hair inspiration for my hairstyle was the beautiful  Youtuber Beautybyjj, I saw her with this hairstyle on a couple of her instagram posts and in one of her videos and I literally fell in love straight away, before I had seen her with this hairstyle I had really wanted to do a hairstyle with a full fringe but I just thought it looked a bit childish, and a bit not me. So just from seeing this hairstyle I knew right away that I wanted to get straight hair.

 I decided to get the Malaysian Straight I went quite long and got 20, 18, 16 , and 14 inches with a 12 inch free part closure, this all came up to £85.00 which I thought was really good for 4 bundles and a closure. I chose to get this hair simply because I've heard that Malaysian straight hair is really good hair especially for fringes.

Ordering the hair was very risky just because I ordered it on a Wednesday, but thank God the hair came on Monday, the week beginning of Christmas thanks to Jack (the seller) who really pushed and made sure the hair came in time honestly he was so helpful, he answered all my questions and really helped to get the hair here on time.

when the hair arrived, I started instantly, I washed each bundle with shampoo and put in some leave in conditioner, after that I didn't really wait until the bundles were completely dry just dry enough that it's not dripping wet. I then sewed the bundles onto a men's dome cap but first I measured out where my closure would go just so that I know where to stop and there is enough space.I didn't cut any of the tracks whilst sewing I literally just flipped it over whilst going back and forth.

I love this hair, it's so soft and silky there's minimal to no shedding and it doesn't really tangle this hair is so nice. the closure is perfect I hardly had to cut any of the hair for my fringe and the closure lays so flat.

I would so recommend this hair to anyone looking for a long, straight hairstyle, the seller, Jack was amazing! so helpful and was really determined on getting the hair here on time.

so if you're looking to buy this hair check out the link here!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

OOTD | Casual College Outfit

Hey everyone! :)

I know it's been a really long time since you've heard from me, I had some really good post ideas for Christmas but I was so busy that I had no time for blogging, however I'm back and I have a lot of new posts for you guys, so today I have an outfit of the day post.. here goes.....

So it's after the Christmas break and a lot of you are getting ready to go back to school, college or university and if you are anything like me going back to college is not one of the things that you are super excited about, getting dressed for college I focus mainly on being warm and comfortable so here is my casual college outfit.

 My jumper was a gift that I got from my sister for Christmas, I love this jumper it's so warm and soft inside. This jumper is a men's jumper, my sister knows me so well I love to wear men's clothes especially there jumpers because I love the way they fit and the way they feel.

I had only one pair of joggers which I found was weird because I love wearing joggers because they are so comfy and so easy for you to layer up with. I purchased these joggers from Primark in the men's section, I found them to be so cheap and so thick. I also loved that they were not cuffed at the ankle because I had been looking everywhere for a pair of straight joggers.

Puffa Jacket
I was over the moon when I found this jacket me and my sister had been on the hunt for a nice hooded puffa jacket for the longest, so when we spotted this in Primark no doubt we had to get them. This jacket cost £15  which to me was so good considering everywhere else I had looked was £60 and over with no hood. I LOVE this jacket because it's so warm and looks great on.

My puma suedes I love I've had them for quite some time now and I haven't worn them in a bit just because the weather over here has been quite wet and rainy and I'm pretty sure most of you know that rain and suede do not go so well. I find these trainers to be so comfortable I can wear them all day and my feet wont hurt or feel uncomfortable I also think that they are really warm which is kinda odd cause there not high tops. I seriously need to get me another pair of these trainers.

This watch was sent to me by The Watch Hut and I really love this watch because it's so simple and it's not to big so it's nice to wear with simple or casual outfits.

I am such a beanie/hat person especially when the weather is quite bad and windy cause if your anything like me you'll know that I can't stand when the wind blows and messes up my hair it puts me in such a bad mood and I just hate it so lately I've been rocking my cute navy beanie with the pom pom on it, it holds my hair in place and keeps my hair covering my ears and neck, keeping me warm.

So this is my casual college outfit, I hope you like it and look forward to my next post which is going to be a hair post on this hairstyle
Thanks for reading!