Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Time for a change | New hair #3

Hey loves,

I'm back and yes I've changed my hair again, it feels like I only just recently typed up a 'Time for a Change | New Hair' post but it's all good.

The beginning of last week I changed my hair and I wanted to try something different that I had not done before so I decided to go for this hairstyle, I have in my hair crotchet braids there so easy to put in and take out literally all you need is some hair and a crotchet needle.

To do this hairstyle all you have to do is cornrow your hair underneath but you must bare in mind where you will want your parting to be I wanted a middle parting and a side part on my right side so when you cornrow your hair just ensure that you plaits are where you want to have your partings.
Next you'll need to take your hair and your crotchet needle and literally put them in starting from the back working your way to the front, it is so easy to do, I did this hairstyle by myself and it took me like less than an hour to install all the hair into my head.

For this hairstyle I used two packets of Marley braids, however I would advise you to use three packets if you want it to be more full. After I put all the hair in I used a paddle brush and brushed it out to give it that afro look and I do this every time I go out.
And I will tell you guys that this hair sheds so much but I'm not surprised it is synthetic hair so it is expected. and if you guys don't want to use Marley hair you can use something else I only used it cause it's what I know and I've seen it on other people so I know what it will look like.

I love this hairstyle so much its so light and looks so natural literally every single time I'm out I have people coming up to me and asking me if this is my real hair, or how do I get my hair so healthy.
I love this hair and I would recommend it to anyone.

I hope you guys like this new hairstyle
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Beginning of the Year Wishlist

Hey loveliess!

Today I have a beginning of the year wishlist, thinking about it there has been quite a few things that I have seen and been like "oh I like that, I want it" so today I'm going to share those items with you.

Firstly, I have a pair of trainers, I've been looking for a pair that I haven't really seen a lot of people wearing. I am in some serious need of some new trainers just cause I feel that the trainers I have now are getting a bit boring and I just need something new in my wardrobe.

Next on my list is the Rimmel Lip lacquer in the shade 230 kiss fatal, I love this colour it is kind of like a brownish, purpley colour I think it's a perfect winter shade and can easily be worn coming into spring.

Thirdly, I've been on the hunt for a really cute sweater ad because I'm such a sweater person my expectations are pretty high. I think the whole colour block and colour contrast look is so cute and I'm soo loving it that is why I need this sweater.

The fourth item on my wishlist was a hooded crop sweater, after I saw the white one with 'flawless' on it I loved the look of it but I really wanted a plain one and a dark colour just so it doesn't get dirty so easy so once I found this one in Newlook I was all for it. Also, I don't actually own a lot of crop tops I only have one that I never wear cause I don't really like it any more so that's why when I found this one I was even more all for it.

Next on my list is the hooded duffle coat, I'm in need of a new duffel coat because I just love the way they look and the way they fit. my other duffel coat is getting a bit small for me now and it just isn't as long any more and I can't wear it with lots of layers underneath, so I think it is about time that I got a new one.

sixth on my wishlist is the bag, I really need a new bag just so that I can have the choice of swapping and changing my bags also all my bags are all black so I really need a change of colour sometimes.
Also I hate that with the bag that I take to college it is quite small so I cant fit a lot inside so I am all for this bag just because it is bigger and has much more compartments.

Lastly I have the quilted backpack, I really want a backpack just for them days that it's really cold and I don't want to have to hold anything in my hand I can literally put the backpack on my back and keep my hands warm in my pocket.Also, I am loving the backpack look so having one is a must.

So this is my wishlist for the beginning of the year 2015, I hope you enjoyed it
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Mac 'n' Cheese for lunch

Hello Everyone!

got a new exciting post for you guys I have been wanting to do this recipe for so long and now I have finally got it done.
I'm going to try and do a lot more food posts on my blog just because I really enjoyed doing it and it kind of breaks it down from all the beauty and fashion.

Today I'm going to show you how I make my 'Mac 'n' Cheese' recipe for lunch, and I know everyone has different ways of making it but I am going to show you how I make mine.
so let's go....


Pasta | Of course when it comes to pasta you can use any type, I know with mac and cheese you are supposed to use Macaroni but I prefer to use fusilli pasta just because I find it easier to get rid of the water when I drain it but to me I don't think it taste any different or makes a difference. I used a whole packet of 500g.

Butter | depending on how much your making you will need butter I used around 2-3 big serving spoons and I made for 7 people.

Flour | you don't need a lot of flour I used 3-4 table spoons and with the flour if it's not the right consistency you can easily add more. ensure that before you add the flour it is plain flour and not self raising flour.

Milk | I think having a lot of milk is vital especially if you are not to familiar with making this dish just because you don't want the cheese sauce to be extremely thick because this will result in a very dry mac n cheese which we don't want.

Cheese | Obviously you're going to need cheese to make the dish so I used mature cheddar because it means that the dish will be really cheesy and I won't have to use so much cheese, depending on your own personal preference you can decide how much you put this will mean after you've added the cheese you may need to taste it.

Firstly, you will start off by putting your pasta on to boil this will give you time to make your cheese sauce.

To make the cheese sauce you will need to start off by adding butter to a hot pot, mix the butter around using a wooden spoon until it is all melted.

Once all the butter it melted you will need to add your plain flour mix this up until all the butter is dried up and the mixture is solid, somewhat like a play doh texture.

After you will need to add your milk to the butter and flour mixture, using the back of the wooden spoon you will need to squash and mix the mixture until it is smooth and it has all dissolved into a liquid mixture. 

After that I decided to add my seasoning's, I added 4 maggi cubes (if you know you just know.... LOL!) this gives it so much more flavour and obviously the less you are making the less cubes you will need to use. I also added a small amount of mixed herbs I'm not that big of a fan of mixed herbs but it does give it a different taste so I always try to add a small amount. You can use whatever seasoning you want it just depends on your personal preference.

After you've added all your seasonings, you will need to mix it up, . so at this stage the sauce should be the right consistency but since we haven't added our cheese yet you may need to add more milk so it is smooth and not too thick.

With the sauce at a watery consistency it is now time to add your cheese, try to add your cheese bit by bit so it doesn't take super long to melt and you don't make it taste too strong, so taste it after you add a bit of cheese.

Once you've finished making the cheese sauce check your pasta as it should be done by now.

A lot of the water must be gone but if there is still water in it like mine simply drain it.

After both the cheese sauce and pasta are ready I poured the cheese into the pasta, word of advice is to pour the food into whatever pot is bigger, for example if you used a bigger pot for the cheese sauce pour the pasta into the cheese sauce this will just make it easier to mix it up.

Now for the best bit mix it all up, just keep on mixing it until you think all the pasta is mixed in perfectly.
Then your done!

I hope you like this post and it was helpful to any of those that want to give it a try
Thanks for reading!