Sunday, 22 February 2015

OOTD | Evening Dinner with the Girls ♥

Hiya everyone!

Today I've got an OOTD for you guys I think it's been quite some time since I've done an OOTD so here goes...

On Saturday it was one of my best friends 17th birthday so we all decided to get dressed up and head down to the O2 and go to Jimmy's a restaurant where they do different types of food from a variety of countries such as Italy, India, China, and American, we had such a great time.

Dress | I purchased this dress from TK Maxx, I love it so much I had been looking for a high neck, passing knees dress for a while so when I found this one in TK Maxx there was no question about it I had to buy it. This dress cost £14.99 which I thought was so good. The dress is quite warm, and is a nice stretchy material which I think is a plus for me.

Heels | My heels are from a shop called 4feet, they are around 6inches high. I do love these heels but I just feel like I can't wear them that much because they are so high that I feel like I'm being tipped forward however I will say that they are comfortable and if they weren't so high I could wear them so much longer. I think these heels cost £30 which I think is great considering the type of shoe they are.

Jacket | The jacket I am wearing is from Primark, this jacket is so warm and looks so good with this outfit, going out that evening I didn't want to be cold just because the weather had been really unpredictable during the week so I just didn't know what to expect but wearing this jacket kept me so warm and I loved the fur on the neck I think it looked so good with the bag and the heels.

Bag | My bag is from eBay, I don't remember how much it costs but I love the fact that this bag is quite small but spacious, for this day I took spare shoes so I was well pleased that my heels fit in this bag and there was still space in my bag for my purse and all my other stuff. I really like this bag it is really my go to bag, for any other night out I would have carried a clutch but as I said I did have to carry a change of spare shoes.

Necklace | I can't actually remember where I purchased this necklace from, but I will say that I love it especially because of the length and simpleness of the necklace.

This is my OOTD for that evening, I hope you guys liked it. 
Happy Birthday to my best friend, we had such a good night

Thanks for reading!

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