Monday, 29 September 2014

OOTD | Final Summer Outfit

Amazon - Cardigan | Primark - Top | Primark - Trousers | JD Sports - Trainers | eBay - Bag

Hey everyone,

So on my way to college I thought I would do a quick OOTD for you guys because the weather is quickly changing and this is most likely going to be my last summery outfit.

I wanted to look pretty casual today just because as you may know I have been to college quite a few times so I thought I would just dress it down a notch and wear something cute and comfortable.

Wearing this outfit I was super excited because it meant I got to wear my new cardigan that I recently purchased from Amazon which I have absolutely fallen in love with. I've had so  much trouble with purchasing this cardigan as there sizing is just so wrong, so I had to do some returning and re purchasing and not to mention a hell of a lot of waiting.

My Primark top is just amazing! I love the splits down the sides it just feels so free and flowy not to mention it allows so much breeze to the 'pits LOL!
When I first bought this top I honestly didn't even realise that it had two massive splits down the side I just thought it was a plain white tee, but I guess not.

So this was my comfortable little OOTD I hope you guys like it, and have got a bit of "inspiration/ideas" from it.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Time for a change | New hair #1

Yes it's time for a change!

Hey guys, 

If you saw my little OOTD I put up recently you may have noticed that I have changed my hair.

Starting college I really wanted to try something new, something different. 
So what better to try than a bob!
The last time I tried a bob it had to be years ago, I'm talking one of the first weaves I actually did which was like starting secondary school.

So in my hair I have two bundles of 8 inch, I have one in the colour 1B and the other in a mixed colour I can't remember what colour it is but I think it's a 1B and 2 but I'm not certain.

To get my hair looking like this I parted my hair into an L part, then I braided my hair underneath just simply going all back. Next, I sewed in the black weave at the back this came quite high up than expected but it wasn't a problem because my aim was to use both packets of hair on my head.

After sewing in the all black I sewed in the mixed coloured weave and when I had finished with sewing in all the weave I was honestly quite scared, being the first time I've ever had coloured hair I tried my best to go with something as natural as possible but looking at it, it looked very bright and over the top which was basically just putting me off.

In my best attempt of trying my best to rock it and pull it off I straightened my leave out and covered my tracks this really helped tone down the brightness as because my hair is black it pretty much shaded the bright coppery colour, which made it look so much better.

Finally I'm done and I love it, it has definitely made me feel comfortable enough to try out new colours and experiment more.

Look out for my next post another OOTD which will be up soon
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Skincare Routine

Hiya guys!

Recently I purchased some skincare products and starting a skincare routine was something new to me believe it or not after wearing makeup for soo long I'm only now starting a skincare routine. So let's get started!

I do my skincare routine lots of different ways depending on what my face is looking like and what I've been doing during the day.

So if I've come back from college or something and I've been wearing makeup all day I usually do my full skincare routine before I got to bed.

Firstly, I use regular baby wipes and wipe my makeup off my face I usually use 2 wipes 1 to remove my foundation and eyebrows then the 2nd one to remove my eye makeup like my eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I know some of you may be thinking why'd you use baby wipes? it's not good for your skin blah blah blah.... but honestly I've been doing it for so long and my face has hardly dropped off, it's not the end of the world I'll be fine.

Next I use my Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. I simply wet my face with warm water then use about a pea size amount on the different areas of my face for example, my forehead, my chin, my cheeks and my nose, I rub that in focusing mainly on my nose area and went over my lips a few times just to get rid of any crusties :)

After that I wash off my face with warm water then get a flannel and wet it with hot water after that I just go over my face a few times with the wet flannel this is just to get off any excess soap.

Once I've removed my makeup and ex foliated my face I then use my Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water and a makeup remover pad and just go over my face I only do this once because my face is generally clean by then.

After all that I finally use my Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser and moisturised all over my face, with this product you only need a little bit because believe me when I say a little goes a long way.

If I don't go out anywhere and don't wear any makeup I just use my Garnier Cleansing Micellar Lotion just to get rid of any dirt on my face, then apply my Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

This is my new created skincare routine I hope you guys enjoyed and 
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

OOTD - Wedding

Hi people!

Today I'm going to do an outfit of the day for you guys, hope you like. :)

So a couple of days ago my aunty got married and it was a really quick, small, quiet family wedding like there was only a few family members and close friends. The wedding was held in a registry office and for a bit of an after party/celebration we went out to dinner.

I know a lot of you guys might be thinking why didn't I wear a dress? or why you wearing trousers? but to be honest I didn't want to wear a dress or skirt because this British weather is so unreliable and apparently it was suppose to rain on that day, and also because it was planned so last minute  and wasn't a really big wedding so I thought it would be best to just look done up but not over the top.

I think I tried to dress really casual but wearing the bright, patterned trousers and heels really makes the whole outfit look like I put in so much more effort than I actually did.

Blazer - H&M  | Vest Top - Primark | Trousers - Market | Heels - 4feet | Clutch - Gift | Necklace - Gift

This is the OOTD from the wedding that I recently went to I hope you like it, I had such a great time  and considering that I haven't been to a wedding in ages it was so nice to go to that and be around close family members.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Time for a Change | New nails #1

Hey girlie's!

I've got a new change for you guys. Recently I went and got myself a re-fill cause my nails were in some serious need of doing.

So I went and got my nails done with my sister, it cost me £15 to get a re-fill and because my previous nail cracked they don't charge you for a whole new nail like I know some places do.

When doing my nails I always try and do colours that I won't get bored with, this means that it takes a lot of time and energy before I decide what I want my nails to look like. 
For my base colour I decided on a mint green colour and for my designs I decided on leopard print and a large triangle.

This time I tried my best to cut them down as much as possible so it doesn't grow out as quick. 

To do the leopard print on my middle finger and pointing finger; firstly, she did the white spots in different places and did it quite messy and not in a sort of strategic order kind of thing then she used a thin black brush and outlined it and made a few dots in the spaces.

Then to achieve the triangle look on my ring finger and pinky she simply used the thin black brush and created a triangular shape down to the tip of my nail then used the same brush and coloured in the two sides.

So this is how I decided to do my nails this time around and look out for my next 'Time for a change post' on my nails that should be up in like a months time.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Back to school - College Haul

Hey guys,

I know I've been gone for quite a bit and I apologise because I haven't been at home but I'm starting college tomorrow and I just wanted to show you guys all the bits and pieces I've bought.
So here goes...

Hoodie - Primark - £3
  Slim cuff Joggers - Primark - £7
High waisted Jeans - Primark - £10
Grey tee - Primark - £1
 Blue tee - Primark - £1
 White tee - Primark - £2
 Ribbed Vest Top - Primark - £2
Black Leggings - Primark - £3
 Printed Trousers - Market - £2.50 
Nike Capri trainers - Sports Direct - £29.99
 Round Top Foundation Brush - Amazon - £1.59 
Vaseline - Hair Shop - £1
MUA Lipstick (shade 11) - Superdrug - £1
 MUA Lip-gloss - Superdrug - £2
 Makeup Revolution Blush - Superdrug - £1

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to school hairstyles | 5 days - 5 ways

Pigtail Braids

To achieve this look I split my hair in half and done a normal braid, once I got down to the end I just secured it with a black hair tie but you can use any colour I've only used black because it's what I have.

After I had complete both braids I used some gel and dax to slick my edges back into my hair and I'm done! This is a easy and simple hairstyle that is very appropriate for school and can quickly be done in the mornings.

Loose, messy beach waves

This is a hairstyle that you have to plan overnight if you want to achieve these really loose, messy beach waves, especially if you want them to last the whole school day.

To get this look I did four messy plaits on my head the night before so that in the morning the waves would hold, then in the morning I used a paddle brush and brushed out the curls a bit also straightening my leave out and a few loose strands just to give it a more messy look.
This look takes up to 10 minutes which is a bonus for getting ready on a school morning.

Side French Plait

This is such a go to hairstyle for me, times when you don't know what to do to your hair and your running out of time it's so quick and simple to do a side French plait and not to mention it looks great!

Firstly I brushed my hair all to one side and tied it with a hair tie then did a French plait changing to a regular plait as I got to the bottom, after that I moved the hair tie down to the bottom and secured it 
To finish up the look I pulled at the plait and separated it a bit just to give more of a messy look
and Viola!

Half Up Half Down

Oh I love this hairstyle! No doubt this is one of my favourite hairstyles it's just really princessy and glamorous. This is a type of hairstyle that you do when you have a bit of extra time and really just want to look fab and stand out for school.
To get this look I just started off by taking big sections of my hair and curling it, I didn't really focus on curling it in any particular way. Next I plaited a strand of hair on both sides of my hair leaving out the shortest parts of my front hairs to make it a bit more  messy and free.
Lastly I tie up the two plaits at the back of my head and curl my loose strands and I'm ready to show the world! (well not really the world but you get what I mean).

Inverted ponytail

This hairstyle is soo easy and so quick it takes less than 5 minutes and looks so cute, this is definitely a hairstyle you run to when you've pressed that snooze button one too many times.
To get the achieved look you simply tie your hair up in a low ponytail, separate it just above the hair tie in the middle then this is how you achieve the twisted look, you flip the ponytail through the whole and your done, if you have a hole still in your hair don't worry just simply loosen the hair and move it around. And if you want your hair to look a bit more fancy you can add a few curls to your ponytail but that's completely optional.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got a few hairstyle ideas for when you start school, don't forget to leave a comment and tell me which one of these hairstyles are your favourite.
Thanks for reading!