Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to school hairstyles | 5 days - 5 ways

Pigtail Braids

To achieve this look I split my hair in half and done a normal braid, once I got down to the end I just secured it with a black hair tie but you can use any colour I've only used black because it's what I have.

After I had complete both braids I used some gel and dax to slick my edges back into my hair and I'm done! This is a easy and simple hairstyle that is very appropriate for school and can quickly be done in the mornings.

Loose, messy beach waves

This is a hairstyle that you have to plan overnight if you want to achieve these really loose, messy beach waves, especially if you want them to last the whole school day.

To get this look I did four messy plaits on my head the night before so that in the morning the waves would hold, then in the morning I used a paddle brush and brushed out the curls a bit also straightening my leave out and a few loose strands just to give it a more messy look.
This look takes up to 10 minutes which is a bonus for getting ready on a school morning.

Side French Plait

This is such a go to hairstyle for me, times when you don't know what to do to your hair and your running out of time it's so quick and simple to do a side French plait and not to mention it looks great!

Firstly I brushed my hair all to one side and tied it with a hair tie then did a French plait changing to a regular plait as I got to the bottom, after that I moved the hair tie down to the bottom and secured it 
To finish up the look I pulled at the plait and separated it a bit just to give more of a messy look
and Viola!

Half Up Half Down

Oh I love this hairstyle! No doubt this is one of my favourite hairstyles it's just really princessy and glamorous. This is a type of hairstyle that you do when you have a bit of extra time and really just want to look fab and stand out for school.
To get this look I just started off by taking big sections of my hair and curling it, I didn't really focus on curling it in any particular way. Next I plaited a strand of hair on both sides of my hair leaving out the shortest parts of my front hairs to make it a bit more  messy and free.
Lastly I tie up the two plaits at the back of my head and curl my loose strands and I'm ready to show the world! (well not really the world but you get what I mean).

Inverted ponytail

This hairstyle is soo easy and so quick it takes less than 5 minutes and looks so cute, this is definitely a hairstyle you run to when you've pressed that snooze button one too many times.
To get the achieved look you simply tie your hair up in a low ponytail, separate it just above the hair tie in the middle then this is how you achieve the twisted look, you flip the ponytail through the whole and your done, if you have a hole still in your hair don't worry just simply loosen the hair and move it around. And if you want your hair to look a bit more fancy you can add a few curls to your ponytail but that's completely optional.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got a few hairstyle ideas for when you start school, don't forget to leave a comment and tell me which one of these hairstyles are your favourite.
Thanks for reading!


  1. loving your blog hun! Your hair is soooo nice I wish I could pull off braids like that but my hair is so damaged it looks horrible xx

    1. Thanks so much love!
      I bet your hair really isn't that bad :)

  2. Absolutely love all of these looks! Wish I could do them with my hair!


    1. Awww Thank you!
      Give it a try I'm pretty sure you can....x