Saturday, 13 September 2014

Time for a Change | New nails #1

Hey girlie's!

I've got a new change for you guys. Recently I went and got myself a re-fill cause my nails were in some serious need of doing.

So I went and got my nails done with my sister, it cost me £15 to get a re-fill and because my previous nail cracked they don't charge you for a whole new nail like I know some places do.

When doing my nails I always try and do colours that I won't get bored with, this means that it takes a lot of time and energy before I decide what I want my nails to look like. 
For my base colour I decided on a mint green colour and for my designs I decided on leopard print and a large triangle.

This time I tried my best to cut them down as much as possible so it doesn't grow out as quick. 

To do the leopard print on my middle finger and pointing finger; firstly, she did the white spots in different places and did it quite messy and not in a sort of strategic order kind of thing then she used a thin black brush and outlined it and made a few dots in the spaces.

Then to achieve the triangle look on my ring finger and pinky she simply used the thin black brush and created a triangular shape down to the tip of my nail then used the same brush and coloured in the two sides.

So this is how I decided to do my nails this time around and look out for my next 'Time for a change post' on my nails that should be up in like a months time.

Thanks for reading!

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