Sunday, 31 August 2014

Family camping trip | Day 2

Hey guys,

I'm back with day 2 of my family camping trip if you haven't checked out my day 1 you can check it out here.
Monday morning was horrible, waking up in the morning I honestly started to re-think whether I could last this camping trip one because my back was killing, two my neck was aching, I was cold and to top it off all the top of our tent was wet from the rain. Bad weather can seriously put a person off camping forever!

Monday was spent praying and hoping that we would get some good weather but unfortunately that did not happen as it rained all day literally all day...
For breakfast that morning we had some bacon, egg and a piece of loafed bread and a nice hot cup of herbal berry tea, the amount of time it took us to cook it made me really appreciate it more even though it didn't fill me up at all I definitely savoured every piece. LOL!

After breakfast we spent all of our day playing games like monopoly, concentration and even the infamous twister because are original plans to go out were sabotaged by the horrid weather, and if you have ever played monopoly before you would know that it's a very long game and goes on for hours and hours...

After lunch which was a tasty bowl of noodles everyone was really relaxed and pretty much chilled out on their quickly dying devices, luckily we had WiFi so that kept us pretty entertained.

As evening quickly approached we began to cook our dinner and sort out the terrible tent situation of it being wet... :(
Our solution was to put up the three man tent inside the six man tent because lazy us were not really looking forward to taking it down, this then meant we had 7 people inside a three man tent crazy right? so all I had to look forward to is an even more uncomfortable nights sleep.

This was day 2 of my camping trip I hope you enjoyed it and look out for the last day of my family camping trip
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Family camping trip | Day 1

Hey everyone,

I'm finally back! A couple of days ago I went on a camping trip for 3 nights and I was just so excited and could not wait to tell you all about it.

Sunday afternoon me and my family went down to Hertfordshire to a camping site for a couple of days, with all 10 of us we decided to put up a six man tent and a three man tent.
Putting up the three man tent was a breeze it took us about 45 minutes to an hour with us all pitching in and helping, but the six man tent...WOW! it took us hours, literally you could see it getting darker and darker outside as we struggled to put it up.

After we finally managed to put the tent up everyone felt pretty drained and tired so our aim was to chill and hurry and get to bed.

We had some dinner, got our fire going and sat around roasting marshmallows and telling camp fire stories, moments like these I absolutely love just seeing everyone so happy all together is amazing!

The first night sleeping in the tent was ok until it started to rain, as it got heavier through the night waking up the next morning was terrible as all mine and my sisters side of the tent was slightly wet.

So this was my eventful day 1 of camping with my family, look out for day 2 which should be out pretty soon
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Autumn Makeup Inspiration

Hey everyone,

As you may have already figured Autumn is quickly approaching and honestly I just can't wait, the change in weather is just so exciting which automatically gets me in the mood for the latest A/W trends and of course the hottest makeup looks

My Autumn makeup inspiration is all based on very dark lips and smokey eyes, using lip colours such as black, plum, purple and red are my favourite as it creates such a dramatic effect and is very eye catching.
Soft brown's, black and silver's and copper smokey eyes are all perfect colours to wear when you are rocking a dark lip as it helps the lips to stand out more because of how subtle it looks and also it's quite an easy look that you can pull off and wear daily.

So this is my makeup inspiration that I'm loving and can not wait for so I can bring out the dark lips and wear more often, I hope this has given you guys a bit of inspiration as to what look you'll be showing off this Autumn
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Starting College Wishlist

Well I've been super busy this week hence why this post is really late and and I failed at posting more than once so I sincerely apologise for that.

As school is quickly approaching I'm beginning to realise that there is a lot of stuff that I'm wanting to start my new, freedom filled, school year.
Moving on to college from secondary school is something I'm a bit scared but extremely excited about just being able to be more independent and have more freedom gives me the opportunity to express my personal style more, therefore to do that I believe a bit of an wardrobe upgrade is due.

So these are some of the clothing items that I'm hoping and wishing to get for my new start at college, being at college I'm looking forward to being able to be comfortable but still look fashionable also enjoy not being restricted to wear school uniform everyday.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Yummy Smoothie Recipe!

Hiyaaa everybody!

Today I'm going to share with you a little recipe that I really enjoy and tend to do a lot during the hot summer, in my eyes this is also a good way to use up and just get rid of fruit that I don't really want to eat and are just going bad.
so this is my delicious smoothie drink recipe!

For my ingredients I grabbed...
3 bananas
2 apples
1 pineapple
3 oranges
and ice cream
you can use any fruit you want for example, if you wanted to use berries you can I just used what fruit I had and was looking to use up

 What I do after washing all my fruit is I cut them up
into my blender, add a little bit of milk just to help make
it blend better and make it more smooth and less lumpy.

Then on to my favourite bit, blend away!
Blend until all solid fruit has pretty much been dissolved, beware to not blend it too much at first because next were going to add the ice cream and we don't want it to be too watery.

After your smoothie is all blended up your going to add your ice cream, you can add as much ice cream as you want for this recipe I added around 6 to 7 large tablespoons.
Blend it up a little more just to mix in the ice cream and then your done
a yummy, quick and easy smoothie recipe!

I hope you enjoy your yummy beverage!
Thanks for reading!

My next post which may be up a bit earlier than Thursday because I'm going to try post two times a week, which I know will be a challenge but I'm going to try my best.
So stay tuned!