Sunday, 31 August 2014

Family camping trip | Day 2

Hey guys,

I'm back with day 2 of my family camping trip if you haven't checked out my day 1 you can check it out here.
Monday morning was horrible, waking up in the morning I honestly started to re-think whether I could last this camping trip one because my back was killing, two my neck was aching, I was cold and to top it off all the top of our tent was wet from the rain. Bad weather can seriously put a person off camping forever!

Monday was spent praying and hoping that we would get some good weather but unfortunately that did not happen as it rained all day literally all day...
For breakfast that morning we had some bacon, egg and a piece of loafed bread and a nice hot cup of herbal berry tea, the amount of time it took us to cook it made me really appreciate it more even though it didn't fill me up at all I definitely savoured every piece. LOL!

After breakfast we spent all of our day playing games like monopoly, concentration and even the infamous twister because are original plans to go out were sabotaged by the horrid weather, and if you have ever played monopoly before you would know that it's a very long game and goes on for hours and hours...

After lunch which was a tasty bowl of noodles everyone was really relaxed and pretty much chilled out on their quickly dying devices, luckily we had WiFi so that kept us pretty entertained.

As evening quickly approached we began to cook our dinner and sort out the terrible tent situation of it being wet... :(
Our solution was to put up the three man tent inside the six man tent because lazy us were not really looking forward to taking it down, this then meant we had 7 people inside a three man tent crazy right? so all I had to look forward to is an even more uncomfortable nights sleep.

This was day 2 of my camping trip I hope you enjoyed it and look out for the last day of my family camping trip
Thanks for reading!

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