Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Time for a change | New hair #1

Yes it's time for a change!

Hey guys, 

If you saw my little OOTD I put up recently you may have noticed that I have changed my hair.

Starting college I really wanted to try something new, something different. 
So what better to try than a bob!
The last time I tried a bob it had to be years ago, I'm talking one of the first weaves I actually did which was like starting secondary school.

So in my hair I have two bundles of 8 inch, I have one in the colour 1B and the other in a mixed colour I can't remember what colour it is but I think it's a 1B and 2 but I'm not certain.

To get my hair looking like this I parted my hair into an L part, then I braided my hair underneath just simply going all back. Next, I sewed in the black weave at the back this came quite high up than expected but it wasn't a problem because my aim was to use both packets of hair on my head.

After sewing in the all black I sewed in the mixed coloured weave and when I had finished with sewing in all the weave I was honestly quite scared, being the first time I've ever had coloured hair I tried my best to go with something as natural as possible but looking at it, it looked very bright and over the top which was basically just putting me off.

In my best attempt of trying my best to rock it and pull it off I straightened my leave out and covered my tracks this really helped tone down the brightness as because my hair is black it pretty much shaded the bright coppery colour, which made it look so much better.

Finally I'm done and I love it, it has definitely made me feel comfortable enough to try out new colours and experiment more.

Look out for my next post another OOTD which will be up soon
Thanks for reading!

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