Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review | Clearista Retexturizing Gel by Skincentials

Hiya loves!

A while ago I was sent this sample by Kristie Colon from the Clearista company and I just wanted to come on here and give you guys a bit of an insight into what I think about this product.

Firstly, I must say that I absolutely love the way this product looks, if you know me you know that blue is my favourite colour and although when I received this product it didn't actually have any packaging like it didn't come in a box or anything it literally came in the post just like that, but I do love the colour of the actual product I think it makes it look very simple and elegant.

Also, when I received this sample it came with Kristie Colon's business card that has her email and contact number on it and some other details on it that might be useful and it also came with a information sheet that tells you a bit about the product and directions as to how you should use it on both your face and body, which I thought was a very smart and useful idea.

This product is kind of like a misty clear colour it has a quite smooth texture but with a beaded exfoliating texture to it if that makes!
this product doesn't feel to heavy or irritating on your face I think this product really gives your face that refreshed, light, and hydrated feeling which I love.

I use this product when I am doing my skincare routine, I use it after I have used my Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water, then I simply rinse my face off with warm water and apply my Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser like I normally would.

I think this product is pretty good, it makes my skin feel so fresh and smooth also I'm so happy at the fact that it hasn't made me break out one bit, something that I was afraid of just because my skin is quite sensitive.
I would definitely recommend this product especially during the winter if your skin is like mine and gets pretty dehydrated and dried out this product does a very a good job and fixing that and getting your skin in good condition again.

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review! We are so excited to be featured here, and thrilled you liked the product. We currently have free samples available through our website if your readers would like to try it before purchasing, and thank you again!
    Cheers to healthy skin :) xoxo

    1. I'm glad you like the review, I will definitely let all my readers know about the free sample
      Thank you again so much for the free sample! Loved it!
      Cheers :)