Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Time for a change | New hair #3

Hey loves,

I'm back and yes I've changed my hair again, it feels like I only just recently typed up a 'Time for a Change | New Hair' post but it's all good.

The beginning of last week I changed my hair and I wanted to try something different that I had not done before so I decided to go for this hairstyle, I have in my hair crotchet braids there so easy to put in and take out literally all you need is some hair and a crotchet needle.

To do this hairstyle all you have to do is cornrow your hair underneath but you must bare in mind where you will want your parting to be I wanted a middle parting and a side part on my right side so when you cornrow your hair just ensure that you plaits are where you want to have your partings.
Next you'll need to take your hair and your crotchet needle and literally put them in starting from the back working your way to the front, it is so easy to do, I did this hairstyle by myself and it took me like less than an hour to install all the hair into my head.

For this hairstyle I used two packets of Marley braids, however I would advise you to use three packets if you want it to be more full. After I put all the hair in I used a paddle brush and brushed it out to give it that afro look and I do this every time I go out.
And I will tell you guys that this hair sheds so much but I'm not surprised it is synthetic hair so it is expected. and if you guys don't want to use Marley hair you can use something else I only used it cause it's what I know and I've seen it on other people so I know what it will look like.

I love this hairstyle so much its so light and looks so natural literally every single time I'm out I have people coming up to me and asking me if this is my real hair, or how do I get my hair so healthy.
I love this hair and I would recommend it to anyone.

I hope you guys like this new hairstyle
Thanks for reading!

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