Thursday, 22 January 2015

Time for a Change | New hair #2

Hey girlies!

I've got my second 'Time for a change | New hair' post for you guys I feel like it's been so long since I did my first one.

So here goes... before Christmas I wanted to purchase some hair, for Christmas and New Year and I had an idea of what I wanted, so I headed over to AliExpress, I am literally so particular when it comes to my hair, like I hate when I have a vision of what I want my hair to come out like and it just doesn't happen.

My hair inspiration for my hairstyle was the beautiful  Youtuber Beautybyjj, I saw her with this hairstyle on a couple of her instagram posts and in one of her videos and I literally fell in love straight away, before I had seen her with this hairstyle I had really wanted to do a hairstyle with a full fringe but I just thought it looked a bit childish, and a bit not me. So just from seeing this hairstyle I knew right away that I wanted to get straight hair.

 I decided to get the Malaysian Straight I went quite long and got 20, 18, 16 , and 14 inches with a 12 inch free part closure, this all came up to £85.00 which I thought was really good for 4 bundles and a closure. I chose to get this hair simply because I've heard that Malaysian straight hair is really good hair especially for fringes.

Ordering the hair was very risky just because I ordered it on a Wednesday, but thank God the hair came on Monday, the week beginning of Christmas thanks to Jack (the seller) who really pushed and made sure the hair came in time honestly he was so helpful, he answered all my questions and really helped to get the hair here on time.

when the hair arrived, I started instantly, I washed each bundle with shampoo and put in some leave in conditioner, after that I didn't really wait until the bundles were completely dry just dry enough that it's not dripping wet. I then sewed the bundles onto a men's dome cap but first I measured out where my closure would go just so that I know where to stop and there is enough space.I didn't cut any of the tracks whilst sewing I literally just flipped it over whilst going back and forth.

I love this hair, it's so soft and silky there's minimal to no shedding and it doesn't really tangle this hair is so nice. the closure is perfect I hardly had to cut any of the hair for my fringe and the closure lays so flat.

I would so recommend this hair to anyone looking for a long, straight hairstyle, the seller, Jack was amazing! so helpful and was really determined on getting the hair here on time.

so if you're looking to buy this hair check out the link here!
Thanks for reading!

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