Friday, 6 March 2015

Time for a Change | New nails #4

Hey everyone,

Guess what?

I feel like it's been so long because I've been so busy lately so on Saturday I did the usual and went to the nail shop with my sister, when I went I wasn't certain on what I wanted to do to my nails like I  had seen a few pictures of nails that I really liked but I wasn't sure. Also, I wasn't sure about the shape of my nails any more I was getting really bored of my previous shape if you had seen my last few new nails posts then you would know that I had the famous coffin shape.

So as usual I was on my pinterest just scrolling, I don't know whether it's just me but I have been hella addicted to pinterest...LOL!
 If you would like to see my nails board for where I get all my nail inspirations from then just click here

I found this picture and I loved it, but I was stuck whether to change the shape of my nails or not but in the end I had just had enough so I changed it and this is where I got the idea to do my nails like this from.

So these are my new nails I hope you guys liked it
Thanks for reading!

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