Monday, 6 July 2015

OOTD | I'm Baaack!

Hey everyone,

OMG it's been so long since I've come on here and given you guys a little something. I just want to say that I took this break mainly because it was well needed health-wise and as during that time I really needed to focus on college and get my assignments done in time.

But anywho's I've officially finished college this year so I'm back and I have so many post that I want to get out there for you but first let's get straight  into this OOTD.

Dress | Select

Puma Suede Trainers | JD Sports

I purchased my dress from Select this dress was on sale when I purchased it, it cost me 12.99 I don't know what it's initial price was but I am happy I found this dress for this price because I thought this price was pretty decent. I love the colour of this dress because it really goes with my style and the way that I dress as I am not really an out there person in terms of colour when it comes to my style so I really liked the colour of this dress as it draws me away from black especially during the summer time.

Sunglasses | Primark

I recently picked up these sunglasses in Primark when I was shopping because I saw them and I  realised I don't actually own a pair of sunglasses and I thought that was absolutely crazy so I picked up these sunglasses from Primark they cost me only a £1 which I thought was a bargain they have a matte black frame which really stood out to me and made me buy them.

Bag | Peacocks (old)

I think I had this bag in my last OOTD I promise you guys I do have other bags but this bag is so casual I love just throwing it together with outfits because it really ties the outfit in together. Also, I really love side bags/messenger bags because it means that my hands can be free which is a plus for me especially in the summer....cause aint nobody like sweaty hands!

Casio Watch | The Watch Hut

This watch I'm pretty sure you have seen people with it a thousand times. this watch was sent to me. I love this watch I wear it all the time because it's just so small on the wrist and looks amazing with most outfits. I never really use to be a silver person when it comes to jewellery but I wear this watch nearly everyday so I can honestly say that this watch has kinda made me more into silver

That's it from me today I hope you guys liked my little coming back OOTD post, it feels so good being able to come on here and write up these posts.
Make sure you all stay tuned for my next post I have something new and exciting coming out for you all that I'm sure you will all enjoy.
Thanks for reading!

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