Friday, 10 July 2015

OOTD | New Shoes - Adidas ZX Flux

Hey girlies!

I said I would be on my blogging grind so here I am with another post, this post is based mainly on these new trainers that my sister got me for my birthday I love them they are so comfy I've always said that my sister gives the best gifts!

Tee | Primark

I purchased this tee from Primark it is just a basic blue tee I'm not really one for bright colours but this tee was on sale for £1 so I thought I might as well. Also, I love the fit of this tee it's a loose fit but it's not overly baggy, I love the hem of the tee and the way it looks when I'm wearing certain jackets and finally the rolled up sleeves is a big plus for me.

Leggings | New Look

I got these leggings from New Look I bought them a long time ago so I don't actually remember how much they cost me but I really like these leggings because they are quite thick, I mean I hate when I see girls that wear leggings that are so thin you can see through them and they are literally showing you what they had for enough of all that. Lol!

Snapback | Ebay

This snapback was from Ebay it cost £3.79 with free packaging and postage I bought this hat quite a while ago and I absolutely love it I wear it all the time when I just want to run a quick errand and cant really be asked to go all out on doing my hair or when I rolling with that no makeup and just want to get to my destination and back quickly without being seen.

Jacket | Ebay

I got this jacket from Ebay I wasn't really all about these jackets when everyone first started wearing them but I must say they have grown on me so much. This jacket cost me 16.99 with free package and postage so I thought that was pretty decent. However, this jacket is really creased obviously because it hasn't been hung out and was folded up and stuff so I need to sort that out.

Sunglasses - Primark

I'm not going to go in too much into my sunglasses because they were in my last OOTD so if you want to know more about them go check them out in this post by clicking here

Trainers - Schuh

Lastly my shoes were purchased from Schuh, I have them in a size 5 I don't know how much they cost because I didn't buy them as I said at the beginning they were a birthday gift. These trainers have now become my new favourites they are so comfy and casual, and can be worn on an everyday basis.

This is my OOTD featuring my new Adidas ZX Flux trainers I hope you liked it and tell me what you think about these trainers I've heard that quite a few people are not a fan of these trainers so tell me hot or not?
Thanks for reading!

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