Monday, 27 July 2015

Haulage ❤️

Hiya Loves!

I'm back with another post and today I have an Haul for you lot. I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree with my sister in mind of picking up some clothes for when I go back to college so here goes....

Heels | Laces

I bought these heels from a shoe shop in my local shopping centre they cost me £30 and I got them in a size 4, I'm actually a size 5 but when I tried the size 5 they felt really loose. To find an alternative that is similar to these shoes click here.

Dress | Amazon

I purchased this dress from Amazon, I really like this style of dress and this colour as you lot may know I've been trying to steer away from wearing black everyday so this khaki dress is a good colour to wear instead of black. I bought this dress in a size S/M which is an UK size 8 to 10.

Jacket | Leather Jacket Shop

I got my Jacket from a local leather jacket shop, I think this shop is a hidden gem they have so many different leather jackets for really good prices. This jacket cost me £25 which I think is pretty decent because this jacket is quite thick and has removable fur I got this jacket in a size 12.

Bag | Primark

This bag cost me £10, it's a reversible bag where it's all black on one side and cream on the other. this bag is a shopper bag kind of style so it's pretty big and can carry quite a bit.

Vest Top | Primark

I got this vest top from Primark it cost me only £2.30, these are good to just throw on under jackets and cardigans. I got this top in a size 10 in a khaki shade I have been really loving wearing this khaki colour because it's not too colourful but it's not black.

Black Jeans | Primark

These jeans cost me £12 they are super soft and stretchy. I got them in a size 12 because I tried on a pair of size 10 jeans and they were really tight so tight they felt itchy so i decided to get a size up which feel much better.

Leggings | Primark

These leggings cost me £3 and I bought them because I really wanted a pair of leggings that were longer in length so I got these in a size 8.

Ripped Jeans | Primark
I got these Jeans from Primark they were initially £13 but I got them on sale for £5 these jeans are in a size 10, when I first tried these on I didn't really like them but once I rolled up the bottom of them and styled them better I loved them! 

Concealer | BeautyBase

I got this concealer from BeautyBase it cost me £4.99 and I got it in the shade 'Toast'. I got this concealer because I've heard good things about it and I love their huge variety of shades.

Moisturiser | Savers

I purchased all my skincare stuff from Savers as I find it's cheaper than buying it from Superdrug or Boots and I'm all about saving them extra pounds.This is my everyday Moisturiser so I had to stock up on some more before it completely finished.

Cleansing Water | Savers

I feel like I whizzed through my previous bottle of cleansing water so since I was on a big shopping spree I thought I might as well get another bottle cause I do need it.

Exfoliating Scrub | Savers

Although my scrub had not finished yet I thought I might as well pick one up since I'm in here any ways.

Triangle Foundation Sponge | Amazon

I've been watching one of my favourite YouTubers and I've seen that she uses one of these sponges to bake and set her concealer and I found that it looks so much better using one of these sponges than a beauty blender or brush. I got this set of 8 triangles from Amazon for only £1.09.

So that was my haul from my little shopping spree that I went on, I'm well happy with my purchases and pleased that I got a few bits that I can wear to college when I start back in September. 
Leave a comment and let me know which pieces you like the best and could be interested in hunting down.
Thanks for reading!

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