Thursday, 17 July 2014

Get ready with me....Prom night! ♥

Hey girlies...and guys,
Tonight is the night!
 It's the day of my prom and I'm going to show you guys how I got ready.
My prom started at 7:30pm, so I started getting ready around 4:00pm
First I had a nice hot shower, threw on my onesie then began to get into the prom experience despite the horrible weather.
I decided to start with my hair because I didn't want my makeup to start looking really shiny because I have quite oily skin especially with the heat from the straighteners.
In my head I have 3 bundles, the longest length is 18 inches then a 12 inch then 8 inches, just so it was easier to layer and I wasn't cutting so much hair off. for the front of my hair I was initially going to go with a side part but I didn't want to have a lot of leave out left out so I decided on a centre part, which I also felt was a bit more casual for after the whole prom experience.
My sister did my hair for me and she started by curling my hair from the back forward using straighteners, when she got to the front part of my hair where my part was she used the same technique and curled away from my face.
When she had finished curling my hair we decided on not brushing them out/ finger combing them out until the end just because we were afraid that the curls would not hold well the hold night, in the meantime we used a bit of gel and dax to slick my baby hairs.



For my make-up I wasn't really sure, I had not actually planned what I wanted my make-up to look like so my sister pretty much just made it up as she went along.
If you saw my other post on the preparation of prom you would have already seen what my shoes look like and where we got the whole colour scheme from.
For my eye shadow I used my 120 palette and used mostly blues and teals and also a bit of purple to help with blending it out, I also used some glittery silver in the inner tear duct to kind of brighten up the eye.
After that I applied some false lashes, just because I believe that false lashes are a necessity for prom!
For my lips I decided on a simple nude colour just because I thought it would be too much with the bright blue eye shadow so I thought I would tone it down.

The finished look!

Highlight of the night was I won Best heels at prom, I was so surprised and excited just cause it was so unexpected. This was like a reward for my pain, cause when I got home my feet were killing me.

If you would like to see more pictures of my prom night you can check out my instagram here.
Look out for my lookbook post next week
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Your dress really suits you, you look amazing! I've popped up a prom post on my blog too if you fancy a read x

    1. Thank you sooo much
      I'll definitely check out your prom post and leave a comment!


  2. You look so lovely, I love the shoes, definitely a lovely reward for your pain! Love the dress too xx

    1. Lol tell me about it!
      Thanks really appreciate it don't forget to leave your link so I can check out your blog :) x

  3. So gorgeous! You look amazing. Never seen anyone look so nice in blue eyeshadow. X

    1. Lol Thank you!
      bit scared when my sister did it but surprisingly came out alright x