Thursday, 31 July 2014

A little shopping...!

Hey girlies,

Yes as you can tell from the title I've gone and done a little bit of shopping just to put me in a smiley mood :) 
I purchased both beauty and clothing items all links will be available for you guys to check out and i'll try my best to add the prices of everything.
So let's get into it...

Make-up Sponge | Amazon | £0.66

Slip-on Slippers | Primark | £2.50

Concealer Palette | Amazon | £2.35

Water Bottle | Primark | £1.50

MUA Eyebrow Pencil | Superdrug | £1.00

T-shirt Dress | Primark | £3.00

Earphones | Tiger | £3.00

Satchel | Primark | £5.00

Chiffon top | Amazon | £1.99

Diamond Earrings | New Look | £4.00

Wing Golden Necklace | Amazon | £0.89

Black Snapback | Ebay | £3.79

Manhattan Matte Lip Cream | Amazon | £1.99

Birkenstocks dupes | Primark | £4.00

So that is my little shop that I recently did and I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and are getting ready to go and hunt down these items for yourself.
I'm going to try and post more than once a week I'm not promising anything but I will try my best so look out for my next post!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That concealer palette looks amazing, I like how all the shades are there! You should do a review! xx

    1. Believe me it is, and best thing about it is I can mix shades when I run out of my shade!
      I was contemplating whether or not I should, still not sure though!