Thursday, 10 July 2014

Prom Preparation | Dress, Shoes & Clutch

Hey everyone,

Yes as you can figure from the title it's that time of the year again for school leavers, I'm not really sure if any other year group have prom but I have soo much to do before this special day.


For my dress, my sister (that some of you may know as FashionSquash) volunteered to make it for me which I was extremely happy about because finding a dress that would look exactly the way I wanted it was bound to be difficult.
Deciding on how and what I wanted my dress to look like took close to a month, cause to me it was all about getting it PERFEECCCT!

So I got on to Pinterest, (my love!) and created a secret board and named it 'Prom ideas', I gathered up a whole lot of ideas for what I wanted to look like at prom (this board is now unlocked, opened whatever you want to call it so you can check it out here) and this helped me to get inspiration on what I wanted my dress to look like.

 I decided on a short dress because I'm quite short any ways so a long dress would just make me look like I've been stumped into the ground. LOL! I also decided on a non stretchy material don't really know why but the fabric I used was called a Satin Duchesse and it was relatively cheap I think it was £4.80 per metre and I think I got 4 or 5 metres which ended up being way more than I needed.

It took us like a week and a half to complete the dress just because my sister was quite busy in between that with completing her final collection and other stuff but I think if she just got it over and done with and didn't start and stop for days it could have been done in 3 to 5 days.


 Finding shoes was so difficult because all they have out now are strappy, heeled sandals and I wanted some platform, bright coloured heels which I just couldn't find. Coming up towards prom as time was getting shorter I still had no shoes, no clutch and an ufinished master piece. 

So I think it was like a week before prom and me and my sister went Oxford Street to see what we could find and to my surprise I had no luck, however I did manage to purchase a pair of earrings for prom.

Then I had my aunty over and she suggested that I go on to eBay, at first my initial thought was 'eurgh I don't want no cheap rubbish where the heel just gone snap off as soon as I try bruk it down' but as time was running out and I was going to have to wait for delivery, I got on to eBay and what do you know I found a pair of heels that I loved! Ordering them was quite risky because they said they would come a day before prom which I was quite worried about just in case they got here and didn't fit or weren't to my expectations.

I got the heels in a size 5 and a half and they cost £15.99 which I thought was pretty good.
Check them out here!


Going shopping with my sister to Oxford Street I also tried to hunt down a clutch I already knew that I wanted a sparkly/glittery box clutch which was kind of stressing me out because I could not find one anywhere where I thought it was worth it, price wise.

Again, aunty to the rescue she told me how she saw a really nice box clutch on TK Maxx and because me, my aunty and my sister all have the same fashion sense I could tell that I was going to love it. The clutch cost £14.99 and had a delivery price of £3.99 which I thought was a little pricey but in my desperation I just bought it especially because I didn't have time to waste.
Check out TK Maxx for the Satin Box Clutch

Stay tuned for my next post 'Get ready with me....Prom night!' that should be up next Thursday, I'm going to try and put up a new post every Thursday I can't promise anything but I will try my best!

Thanks for reading,


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