Thursday, 15 October 2015

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Hey everyone!

I'm finally back after being gone for so long, let me just tell you this second year of college is not easy at all, when I was in first year everyone kept telling me that second year is so much easier but now I'm finally doing is it easier? Hell no, I've been so stressed out since I started because I've had so much work to do but I'm back with a little DIY post on these black jeans that I ripped.
so let's get straight into it...

I've been meaning to get around to doing a little diy on my jeans for quite a long time, mainly because I have these jeans and I don't actually wear them a lot so I thought cause I've been wanting some black ripped jeans why not save money and do it myself, it's not like it's anything major complicated.

First I put on the jeans and marked where I want the rips, I just wore them and cut little snips into the jeans with some scissors but I wouldn't advise that because that's quite dangerous but literally you can use anything to just mark where on the jeans you want the rips. I did two rips on my thighs and a slit on each of my knees.

After that I took of the jeans, laid them on the ground flat and cut a straight line where each marking was. I then used one side of the scissors and went up and down over the slits this made it look a bit more distressed and a bit more messy. I done that for quite a while mainly on the thigh slits because I wanted the slits on the knees to be ripped but still be quite neat...if you know what I mean!

This was pretty much it, this was how I diy'ed my jeans into these pretty dope ripped jeans I intend to put these jeans in the wash, not only cause they are a tad bit but also because it will make them look a bit more distressed.

That's all I have for you guys today, I hope you all enjoyed this post, I know I definitely did. I really want to do another DIY post so leave a comment below of any DIY ideas you guys would love for me to do and
Thanks for reading!

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