Thursday, 29 October 2015

Time for a Change | New Hair #4

Hey loves!

Today I'm on here with a new time for a change new hair edition. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a little sneak peek of this hairstyle but if not then here it is!
Lets get straight into it...

I don't know if some of you may be able to tell by my photos or anything, but I change my hair quite a bit and I was somewhat getting bored of my last straight black middle part hairstyle so I decided that I need to switch it up. I was inspired by my sister to do this hairstyle last summer she did a very similar hairstyle that was pretty much the same as this but much shorter she had hers just touching her shoulders. I really wanted to do that same hairstyle but I just felt that the short curly look wouldn't suit me and the hair she bought only came in short lengths.

I came across this hair in my local hair shop, at first I went there in hope of finding the same hair that my sister got but just a little bit longer in length but obviously no luck for me that didn't happen.

So I was getting slightly irritated at the fact that I couldn't find any red curly long hair. I even started contemplating whether to just do it black, do it shorter buy a already made wig. Until I came across this new human hair that had exactly what I wanted in the correct lengths. I bought one pack of this hair that came with 5 mini bundles and a small closure These bundles came in different lengths I think the longest was two 18 inches a 16 and a 14.

I used this hair and made it into a wig sewing it onto a dome cap. Making this wig was so easy it did take me quite a bit of time but that was only because I was trying to get it so perfect, you know me little miss perfectionist...Lool
After I had finished sewing this wig I sectioned of my fringe and cut it straight across at quite a long length so that I didn't cut it and end up cutting it too short. I then got my scissors and cut upwards into my fringe until it was quite thin as I feel like because the hair is really curly having a thick fringe would make the hair look like it's taking over my face. And we wouldn't want that now would we?

So this is my new hair I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think about this colour? and this style?
Thanks for reading!

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