Monday, 2 November 2015

How I Style My Bomber Jacket | Lookbook

Hey everyone,

I have an exciting new post for you guys as you can see from the title today I am doing a 'How I Style' lookbook I'm going to show you how I style my bomber Jacket. You guys may have seen this bomber jacket in a few of my OOTD posts but I thought I wanted to share with you what type of outfits I put together when I wear it.
so let's get straight into it...

My first outfit is these ripped black jeans and khaki vest top outfit. I got these jeans from Primark these are actually the jeans that were featured in my recent DIY post, if you haven't checked that out definitely click here to do so. This vest top I also got from Primark, I have absolutely been loving the colour khaki lately so I had to definitely get some basic khaki clothing.
I paired the rest of this outfit with a pair of all black converses, I got these converses from Schuh, I love the way they made this outfit look, I think this outfit looks very cool and a little bit rock chick like especially with the ripped jeans. And lastly throw on my bomber jacket that I got off Ebay and I'm good to go!

My next outfit is this split white top that I purchased from Primark and these black leggings that I got from New Look. This outfit is so free and comfy I think the splits on the side of this top really give this outfit a lot more sophistication especially if I take off my jacket it's just like... BAM! if you get what I mean loool. I decided to throw on my Adidas zx Flux trainers that my sister got me for my birthday from Schuh. I adore these trainers  think there so comfortable and so chill, I think they really go with the mood that this outfit gives off and I so want to get them in all black I love them that much. Then what do you know I throw my bomber Jacket on and that the outfit complete!

On to the next one.. this next outfit are these ripped boyfriend jeans that I purchased from Primark, I don't really wear these jeans a lot mainly because they are really heavy and tend to rub on my inner thigh which is like extremely uncomfortable but I still love the way they look despite the way they feel. I paired this with this basic white tee that I also got from Primark, if you guys know me you would know that I love buying my basics from Primark just because they are easily replaceable, they are cheap and are in stock no matter what time of the year it is. Threw my Adidas zx Flux trainers on that were purchased from Schuh and my bomber Jacket. Ready to roll!

My last final outfit is this all black outfit, as you know I love all things black. In this last outfit I am wearing these black jeans that I got from Primark, I love these jeans they are really long, and stretchy so I love rocking them with a basic tee like the one I'm currently wearing. This black tee is from Primark, you know every person needs a plain black tee it's just a must! The bag I'm wearing with this outfit was a gift so I don't know where it's actually from, it may be from River Island but I'm not 100% sure. I feel like this bag just adds a bit of life to this outfit cause the outfit is pretty basic. On my feet I'm wearing my Puma Suedes that I purchased from JD Sports, I don't think they sell these particular ones any more but they do still have a range of other colours. Put my bomber jacket on and the out is complete!

So this is my How I style my bomber jacket lookbook, let me know which outfit you think is the best, 1, 2, 3 or 4? and if you have a bomber jacket how are you styling it? what outfits are you rocking with your bomber jacket on top? I hope you guys liked this post and let me know what other lookbooks or how I style posts you would like to see.
Thanks for reading!

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