Monday, 30 November 2015

Lifestyle | What I've Been Watching Lately...

Hey everyone!

Okay, first of let me just say I feel like this is the first time I have ever done anything lifestyle related on my blog, lately all my posts have been either fashion, beauty or hair related, which I really want to change. Being a lifestyle blogger I feel that it is very important that I do so, so today I have come to you guys with a new post on the TV shows that I have been watching lately!

The #Westbrooks

My first TV show that I have been watching lately is this show called The #Westbrooks. It's a new reality TV show based on the instagram famous model India Love and her family. I love this show, everyone had been banging on about it at college so I thought I would check it out.. and great now I'm obsessed...literally I watched all 6 episodes in one day instead of doing my work. I love good, American, ratchet shows, you know with a little bit of drama and all that jazz! 


Empire. Empire. Empire. Now I know I'm not the only one that has been watching this particular show. I love Empire, I think it's so funny and so interesting the way they link it to certain things that have happened in the world is so creative and unique. No doubt my favourite character is thee Mrs. Cookie Lyon. she gives me life she is so funny, has pure attitude and fierceness about her also everyone loves a bit of Cookie Lyon! 

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Every year I can't wait until there a new season to this show, I think no matter what celebrities they throw inside there there it is always so funny and some type of drama!
I don't think this year's I'm a Celebrity compares to last year because with the trio Jimmy, Jake and Foggy in there I was practically in fits of laughter, they were Hilarious!
But I must say Lady C has definitely rocked up the camp this year, giving us some TV gold.


I love me some Scandal, although I don't think this current season has not lived up to my expectations and I've found this season a bit boring I can't seem to bring myself to stop watching. This show is about a team of people working to help people with the craziest and most drama filled problems and about a secret affair within the White House. Everyone enjoys a bit of White House drama!
My two favourite characters are Huck as weird as it may sound I absolutely just love him and First Lady, Mellie Grant, who doesn't love First Lady and her ways.

The Real

The Real is my shooow! It is honestly just the best, it puts me in such an uplifting happy mood and not to mention has me cracking laughter. I love watching this show in the mornings whilst I try get some work done on my days off, especially cause I'm not really into morning TV. This show is basically a daytime talk show, where they play games with people in the audience, chat about certain topics and talk to other celebrities. I love each of them, they are all so pretty and unique.

So these are the shows that I have been watching lately, I hope you guys like this post I've never really done a lifestyle post on my blog in a long time, so doing this post was nice.
Let me know if you want to see me do more lifestyle orientated post.
And what shows have you all been watching lately? are any of the shows you've been watching the same as mine? and are you addicted to any show right now? let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!

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