Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Series 3/5 | Outfit Ideas for Him

Hey everyone!
How you all doing this Thursday?

Today I have a new post a few Christmas outfit ideas for you men, before we get into this let me just say looking for outfits for men is so not as easy as it looks I mean I know what I want the outfit to look like it's just finding where to go to find certain items, but I think I  did alright? I hope I did. With these outfits I tried to go for a very formal outfit, then something a bit casual and something super cool and comfy for those of us who haven't really got anything major planned this Christmas.
So let's get straight into it...


  1. I like this! good idea to share with my man <3 thanks for sharing this :)


    1. Thanks!
      I hope it can give you both a few good ideas on what to wear this Christmas! x