Sunday, 2 August 2015

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Hiya girlies!

Today I have a "How to" post and I am going to share with you how I wash my makeup brushes. I've been meaning to share with you all how I do this for quite a long time so here goes...

When washing my brushes the first thing I do is drench my brushes using the cold water tap, this is to pretty much soften the bristles and make the dirt in the brush more moist. Using the hot water tap would be better in terms of cleaning out the dirt from the brush but I found that using the hot water tap spoils your brushes because it softens the glue that holds together the bristles which makes the brush shed, that's why I would advise using cold water to wash your brushes.

Next I use about two pumps of some handwash and dip my brush into the soap making sure that I cover all areas of the brush. The type of soap that you use really doesn't matter like you could use body wash, shampoo it doesn't matter as long as you ensure you rinse it out thoroughly. I decided to use hand wash because not only was it the closest thing chilling on the side of my sink but it has a nice smell so I don't mind rubbing it into my hands, because it won't leave my hands smelling funny.

After the brush is completely covered in soap I swirl the brush in a circular motion in the palm of my hand.

I keep on doing this until the soap has become really foamy and I can see that any new foam that is being created is coming out clean and not the colour of any previous product.

When washing smaller brushes such as eye brushes I tend to use a back and forth motion instead of a swirling motion because I feel that it cleans it better especially if I go over my fingers instead of in the centre of my palm.

Once I've done that I rinse of the soap not thoroughly but to the point where I can see how clean the bristles are.

Then I use the remaining soap in the brush and swirl the brush in the palm of my hand making it foam up again just to ensure that the brush is really clean.

After that I rinse my brush under the tap thoroughly using my hand to spread the bristles so that I can ensure that there is no soap remaining in the brush. I would advise squeezing the brush whilst it's under the tap as this helps to really get rid of the soap.

Finally, once the brush is clean and has no longer got any soap in it I get a towel and swirl the brush in a circular motion on the towel this is so it's not dripping wet and will dry faster. Word of advise is to not do this on a white towel as if your brush is still dirty you would have basically just dirtied your white towel. 

When I leave my brushes to dry I always ensure that they are laying down flat and not standing upright with the bristles facing up this is because having them stand up allows water to drip down into the brush making the glue damp which could make the glue not as sticky.

So this how I wash my makeup brushes, I hope you found this post helpful and interesting.
Leave a comment below and let me know what type of soap you use to wash your makeup brushes.
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  1. After reading this and taking a glance at my brushes, they really need a clean, haha! Thanks for sharing your post. xx


    1. Your welcome and thanks for stopping by x
      Go get stuck in, cleaning brushes is a struggle so don't let me stop you!

  2. My brushes definitely need cleaning and I was looking for an easier way to clean them and your way looks super easy! Thanks for putting this post together! x

    1. Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps with getting them brushes clean super fast! xx