Monday, 17 August 2015

Lifestyle | Top 10 Handbag Essentials

Hiya everyone!

Today I have a new post for you and it's something that I've been meaning to do for quite some time. I'm going to share with you guys my Top 10 handbag essentials, items that are vital in every ladies's bag! so here goes...

Hand sanitizer | I think having hand sanitizer is a must especially if your anything like me that hates germs, like opening doors, holding onto bus poles, pressing bus stop buttons I can't I just feel like it's covered on dirt so having hand sanitizer is vital.

Hand cream | Having hand cream in your bag is so important because nobody likes having ashy hands especially in the winter and plus just because it says hand cream doesn't mean you cant put in on your elbows, ankles or other places that seem to magically go dry.

Tissue | I think that having a small packet of tissue in your bag is so convenient, especially during the winter when you underestimate how cold it is, get to the end of the road and realise your nose is running or when you rush into a toilet cubicle bursting to go toilet and realise there's no tissue you don't have to panic cause you have some of your own.

Sanitary Towels or Tampons | Be prepared in terms of that time of the month because who knows when the sucker might just creep up on you so having sanitary towels or tampons in your bag at all times is important because you can always protect yourself and save yourself the embarrassment.

Paracetamol | Should I even bother explaining why having paracetamol is an essential... Having paracetamol is like the solution to everything especially during that time of the month because it pretty much just brings you back on top when your not feeling so good which means you can get through the day.

Notebook and Pen | There has been so many times where I've been out and wished I had something to quickly jot down an idea or name and had to start looking for scraps of paper to write on so having a notebook and pen is so helpful.

Plasters | I think you should always have plasters in your bag because you never know when you might just have an accident and covering it with a plaster not only hides it and protects it it keeps it clean also plasters are good for putting the on the back of your shoes when they are small or rubbing.

Hair ties | You may not realise but having hair ties are so important especially during the summer when you just want to get your hair out your face and off your neck.

Compact mirror | I hate when I don't have a mirror on me cause it's like anything that you want to know about your face you have to ask and I hate asking or being asked do I have something on my face so having a compact mirror solves everything.

Vaseline, chapstick, lipgloss or lipstick | Having something for our lips is so lips cause nobody likes the sight of dry, crusty, cracked lips and I'm pretty sure you yourself don't like the feel of it so having something to put on your lips is vital especially during the winter when your lips are more prone to getting dry.

So this is my top 10 Handbag Essentials, don't forget to leave a comment and let me know which items you keep in your handbag? and what other items you think you may need to keep in your bag?
I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading!

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