Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fashion | All Black Everything

Hey loves!

On here with an OOTD, as you know I'm a bit obsessed with wearing all black so I thought I'd share with you a little all black OOTD so here goes.....

Long Vest | Primark
this sheer long vest is from Primark, I bought it like 3 summers ago and I love wearing it to just throw on.

Vest | Primark
Basics like plain vest tops and tees are a must in my books so I always make sure I stock up on these when I go to Primark especially because they don't cost much

Black Jeans | New Look
I think having black jeans are a must especially if you are someone like me that likes wearing all black.

Sunglasses | Primark
I know you lot must be tired of seeing these sunglasses but I really like them they make me feel!

Watch | Casio
This watch was sent to me from the WatchHut, I really like this watch I wear it a lot I know you guys are probably so tired of seeing it all the time... but for me it's just a throw on watch.

Heels | Laces
These shoes were featured in my previous haul post click here to find out more on them. I love them they are so cute and so comfortable.

This is my quick all black everything outfit I hope you guys like this outfit, let me know what you guys think about these shoes...I'm in love!
Thanks for reading!