Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back to School | How To Get Organized

Hey everyone,

I was hoping to get this post out to you all a bit earlier but it's still helpful right?
 I know some people have started school already and some people are supposed to go back at the beginning of this week but I wanted to get this post out for all you guys going to school a few tips on how to get and stay organized throughout the school year
So let's get straight into it....

Have a diary
I can't stress how important and helpful having a diary is, it honestly just put's your mind in the right mid frame and relieves your brain from going into overload of trying to juggle different dates and times.

Organize your room and closet/wardrobe
Having a good tidy up of your bedroom, is going to be so beneficial when you start school because it will allow you to have that clean space. Also keeping your room clean will give you more time to do other stuff. A clean and tidy wardrobe is going to just be a saviour when you start school cause them days when you wake up late and don't plan your outfits the night before is going to make it so much easier to quickly pick out an outfit.

Pack your bag the night before
Pack your bags the night before!, pack your bags the night before! I don't know how much I can stress this to you, Packing your night before with help avoid you forgetting things, you don't know how much I hated it when I got all the way to college only to have no I.D meaning I would have to go back home.

Have all your equipment
Have all your equipment this goes out to everyone, secondary school students, sixth form, college, uni students have your equipment cause I think nothings worse than having to ask around for a pen so having all your equipment will really just avoid that. Also, I find that when I don't have all my equipment I begin to over think stuff and stress myself out so being equipped will really help.

Get a sleeping routine
I would advise all of you to get a sleeping routine, a time you get into bed, go to sleep etc.... This will really help because there is nothing worse than doing a spontaneous all-nighter and paying for it in the morning, so try get to bed on time so you can wake up on time like my dad says "early to bed, early to rise".

So these are a few tips on how to get organized, I hope you can use these tips and stay organized and stress free throughout the school year, Leave a comment and let me know any other tips that you think would be useful for staying organized during the whole school period and what tip you will be using this school year. I hope you liked this post.
Thanks for reading!

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