Monday, 14 September 2015

Time for a Change | New Nails #5

Hey everyone,

My blogging schedule has been a bit all over the place recently, if you're a big reader of my blog you may have noticed that I'm trying to stick to a schedule where I blog every Thursday and Monday so I'm really going to try and stick to that so you guys know when new content will be up.

Today I'm doing a 'Time for a change | New nails' post. I haven't done one of these in so long but I thought I would come back with one and show you guys my new nails for the start of college.

I started college on Thursday so I went with my sister to get my nails done on a Wednesday, as you may know I usually wear acrylics then just get refills so because my nails were really grown out and long I decided I would change my shape from square to pointy.
I'm not much of  a big fan of pointy nails but I didn't want to waste them being that long so I decided on going pointy.

I didn't really have an idea as to what colour I wanted to paint my nails but I was kind of leaning towards just all white nails. My sister had airbrushed white nails before so she was kind of like why don't you airbrush it all white, especially cause it will last longer so I thought yeah I'll do that.
As they airbrushed it I decided that I didn't want it all white before she got all the way to the top and decided that I wanted it faded, mainly because I have never had my nails like this and quite liked it when my sister had it before.

So these are my new nails tell me what you think and whether you think that airbrushed nails last longer than just normal painted nails?
I hope you enjoyed this post and liked having them back on my blog
Thanks for reading!

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