Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autumn/Winter Wishlist

Hey everyone!
Today I'm going to share with you some of the things I'm wishing to fill my closet with this Autumn/Winter, so let's begin!

Over the knee boots - I'm in desperate need of some over the knee black boots this winter, not only do i think they look absolutely amazing but they just add that autumnal/wintery look. A pair of over the knee boots would go really well with a pair of leggings and oversized jumper or some high-waisted jeans with a simple tee and leather jacket or faux fur coat.

Oversized jumper - An oversized jumper is a perfect item of clothing to have during the more colder days, I think I need a lot more cable knit type of oversized jumpers just because they're so easy to style and you can literally just throw it on with anything, you can wear jeans or leggings then just cover up with a leather jacket and infinity scarf or parka coat.

Bomber jacket - I NEED a bomber jacket, not want need. I just think their so stylish, so in right now and I feel that they just add that cool type of feel when you wear them. Although a bomber jackets is not really autumn/winter cause they're not that warm but I believe you can so easily just layer up underneath, I think I would sway more to wearing this in the autumn rather the cold winter.

Fur gilet - I originally wanted a fur coat but then I kinda felt like I looked a bit pimp-ish so I thought I would just aim to get a fur gilet that way I would look a bit less drowned by all the fur. I feel that having something fur is a must for autumn/winter as it's something comfy and keeps you warm. Finding an outfit to wear with a fur gilet is super easy as most of the time I think keeping it simple is the best so plain tops, jumpers skinny jeans or leggings are perfect.

Fluffy socks - I really want a pair of fluffy socks cause I think during the really cold nights when you just want to chill and snuggle up with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate in a big blanket having a pair of  fluffy socks is so needed, as not only can you wear them at home whilst your trying to chill but when your going out and you're wearing your boots or your wellies.

Tartan blanket scarf - I never really knew that there was such thing as a blanket scarf until I saw it on a youtuber's haul and I was just like I have to get me one of those, they just look so warm and comfy and their so nice to use when it's really cold and your not really dressed warm and have nothing to really help keep you warm this comes in handy cause you can just wrap it around you and cover yourself up a bit.

Fluffy robe - Believe it or not I actually don't own a robe which is actually weird because when I had one I loved it I use to wear it all the time and it use to keep me so warm and comfy. So now that winter is round the corner I really want another one and whilst looking around and shopping I saw this really cute fluffy one and have literally fallen in love, One thing I'm looking for when getting a new robe is a hood I really want one with a hood because I know it's going to keep me so warm.

So that's it for my Autumn/Winter wishlist, I know I haven't been that consistent with posting recently but I'm going to try my best.
I'll see you later and thanks for reading!

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