Monday, 20 October 2014

Time for a change | New nails #2

Hey loves!

So I was suppose to publish this post ages ago but I've just been putting it off, but I have finally gotten around to doing it. so here we go...

Around 2 weeks ago I went and got a re-fill, some of you may know that I love getting my nails done and I get a re-fill like every 2-3 weeks.

Getting my nails done this time around I was looking to go for something really simple and without any type of design. Initially I wanted to go for a pastel lilac kind of colour and then I saw this colour that I thought was more of a grey-ish lilac colour.
 I was so stuck and didn't know which colour to go for so I asked my sister who I always go nail shop with and she was like go for the grey-ish lilac colour.

So I decided to go with the grey-ish lilac. once she finished painting my nails I looked at them and I loved them however, the colour was just grey the hint of lilac I was seeing had now vanished but I didn't really mind it.

I really love this colour and I definitely feel that it gives that Autumn/Winter kind of feel, also the feeling of a fresh set of new nails feel so good!

I hope you liked this post, don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think about this colour and what colour I should do next.

Thanks for reading!

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