Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Eyebrow Routine

Hey girlies,

Today I have for you my eyebrow routine, every time I go out I'm always stopped in the street and questioned about how I do my eyebrows.
So I have decided to put together a post on how I do them.
Let's begin...!

1. Firstly I start of by outlining my eyebrows with my MUA Eyebrow pencil in Brunette, I make sure that the line follows the shape of my natural brow and avoid lining the front and beginning of my brow.

2. Next I use my eyebrow pencil and fill in all the bald spots of my eyebrows by drawing short little lines instead of long stokes this makes it look a little more natural than as if I have no eyebrows and have created a whole new eyebrow.

3. After drawing the outline and filling in my bald spot I grab my concealer palette and my angled eyebrow brush and shape and clean up around my eyebrow, this gives my eyebrows that highlighted glowing look without it looking too much.

4. As you can see my brows are looking a little cray cray right now so I'm going to use my angled eyebrow brush and blend out the concealer, I pull the concealer down with the brush so that there isn't any harsh concealer lines and it is easier to blend out.
I then get a bit more concealer on my angled brush and apply it all over my eyelid this not only conceals but adds a base so that applying my eyeshadow is much easier and more smooth.
Using one of my old dried out mascaras I use the brush and brush out the beginning of my eyebrows this gives it that more faded look and doesn't make it look so harsh and square at the beginning.

5. And were all done!

So this is how I do my eyebrows, I know it's such a long process but I think the more you do it the quicker you get and it doesn't seem as long any more. I know my eyebrows still look pretty highlighted and uncompleted but once I put on my foundation I'll just use it and blend the concealer around it.

I hope this little tutorial helped and gave you a bit of a guide as to how to do your eyebrows and 
Thanks for reading!

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